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My wife and I were traveling back home to Los Angeles from San Francisco on Christmas Day and stopped for a brief rest stop when we came across the Las Posas Plaza.

We were so very heartened to see the Christmas message on the marquee as well as the creativity in forming the words into a Christmas tree.

Over the last several years, my wife and I have increasingly noticed that so few commercial properties adorn their spaces with Christmas decorations, much less Christmas messages. We were delighted to come across your property with its Christmas cheer. Thank you for putting a smile on our faces and Christmas cheer in our hearts.

In our next drive through Camarillo, we intend to stop by the plaza and explore the shops.

We look forward to next year's Christmas message.

Happy New Year and a prosperous 2023.

“Fun treasure hunt. You can really find some treasures. If you're lucky and arrive at the right time..."

~Abe Estrada

“Love it that they have See's Candy next to Bob Kildee's Clothing Store and across from Bread Basket Bakery and Valentinos Sandwich Shop"

~Margaret Almos

“Some new shops have been opening. A chocolate place, a place that makes smoothies...That's what I heard"

~Teresa Klecke / Local Guide

“Great shopping center. You can find just about everything you need here. Starbucks, donut shop See's Candy, Bagel Place, Pet Store, Shoe Repair, Men's Clothing Store, Gift Shop, Ralph's Grocery Store, excellent Sushi joint, fast food, 2 Banks, there's even a Breakfast spot & Gas Station across the street."

~Ross Gutierrez / Local Guide

“Great mall. Clean, not too busy, plenty of parking. Some fun novelty shops and very practical places too. Perfect for both window shopping and when you really want something in particular."

~Louis Martin

“So many places to go. There's a bookstore, a coffee Starbucks, there's a grocery store and a bank, a Bakery and so much more. Oh yeah and a place to buy really good olive oil and balsamic."

~Hannah H.

“They've been renewing the buildings little by little over time. One of the most overlooked gems is Tifa's Gelato. Fairly-new Italian dessert establishment, and offers tabletop games to spend precious moments with friends and fam."

~Charles Mango

“Excellent shopping plaza with a HUGE Starbucks, Ralph's supermarket, and many many other shops & stores. Highly recommend for shopping if in the Camarillo area, or just simply for relaxing in a beautiful environment full of pine trees in a well-landscaped shopping plaza."

~Emir Khux

“This place has a lot of stores that are always fun to walk around and explore in and they have a few places I've never gone to but I would like to go to at least all of these once but this place is awesome for this neighborhood."

~Mr. Plague / Local Guide

“Very nice clean new. Ralph's, Starbucks, pet food store, all kinds of places. Parking is the only thing I do not like. Very tight and not enough spaces. But chill at Starbucks and enjoy the people and fountain, very socialble yet clickish."

~Joseph Allevi / Local Guide

“Nicest shopping center in Camarillo. Nice grocery store. Lots of places to eat and now there's a Fabric Shop."

~Rick Hashimoto

“In this plaza, I find some of the best cakes ever, also sushi, Big grocery store, bagels of all kinds, you can find shoes and when I want to cook meat I do visit Ralph's grocery store because their meats are so fresh, and sometimes on my way to work, I used to stop for coffee and bagels for my coworkers. Many of the businesses here have public restrooms and are wheelchair accessible and you can find friendly people everywhere!"

~Adria Lawson / Local Guide

“Great place, See's Candy there plus Eggs 'N' Things and other food places to eat. All recommended."

~John Herrera

“Always can find what I need here. Plenty of parking. Courteous, helpful employees!"

~Bertha Calderon

"There are some good stores and eateries here. Parking is good."

~Marta Goodman

"A great variety of stores. Ralph's Store and pharmacy employees very friendly."

~Loledad G.

"Great retailers, good small-town vibe!"

~Whitney Harchanko

"Santa went by the shopping mall Incognito, went by Starbucks, Ralph's walked all the way around and sat and used his Santa Claus phone and then gathered Insight on all the people and then left. After that, he mentioned how nice it was to be in Camarillo on a beautiful sunny day, and with all the beautiful customers that are so nice and polite to everybody, you see Smiles everywhere there at the Las Posas shopping mall. Santa came, Santa laughed, Santa will be back again. Ho Ho Ho, Merry early Christmas.

~Rese Beaulieu

"Plaza properly revamped, repaved, & rebricked parking lot and walkways & new central fountain (Jan-May '18). New shops & a cleaner look while keeping the original layout..."

~APB's T.J. / Gangstalkers Assistance & Info D Base

"Great place there is every designer you can think of there."

~Debbie Asher

"Several new stores. Pretty and clean shopping center. Plenty of parking."

~Kathleen Armstrong

"Yolanda's is our favorite place to go. The food is delicious and excellent customer service."

~Rose Munoz / Local Guide

~Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zaragoz

Las Posas Plaza Christmas Tree.jpeg
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